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Finally,  I’ve taken the step into the 21th century and created my own blog. After reading numerous blogs on everything from software engineering and artists to swedish gossip queens, I have an idea of what I would like my blog to be. This will be my online journal for my present projects on a glass school in Denmark. Before I came to Denmark, I’ve studied religious history at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, and more recently art and glass blowing. I studied glass blowing for a year in the Glass Kingdom, in the southern part of Sweden. That also gave me the opportunity to see different glass studios through internship, like Steninge Slott and Konguro.

Everything we do in school is divided into projects of different lengths, and it is both theoretical as well as practical courses. So far, we’ve had projects about functionality, From object to function, where we developed a non-functional object into a functional one. The second course was Redesign, where we transformed a 19th century object into a contemporary object or installation. After that we’ve had Visualization, among other things, where we’ve learned the basics of Photoshop and photo transfers for glass.

During  projects, I document everything from the first idea, sketches, reflections and even what inspired me to do what I did. I also keep a technical journal for my kiln programs, glass blowing techniques and facts about furnaces, annealers and all the other equipment I use. I’m not sure anyone is interested in what temperature I do a casting, but hopefully I can give some sort of narrative of the bigger picture when it comes to all the different things I’m learning during my education.

Right now, I’m in between projects. Before spring break I presented results from the kiln casting course we just had with Sally Fawkes, where the assignment was to create an installation for the main corridor in our school. Coming up: the first year exam project, which is already getting on my nerves…

A sample on what I’ve been working on recently; a chihuahua straight from hell, belonging to one of two boxes I’m making as a part of the Redesign project. He doesn’t look this devilish without the lighting, but we had much fun in the photo studio that day!

The Chihuahua from Hell

The Chihuahua from Hell


~ by matildakastel on April 13, 2009.

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